Thursday, October 4, 2012

Green Card Lottery 2014 - Register Now!

Have you registered for the 2014 green card lottery as yet? If not, register immediately. The registration period has been open since noon on Oct 2, 2012 and will close at noon on Nov 3, 2012. It is just one short month, so complete and submit an application immediately. Do not wait for the last minute as there is bound to be a rush which will make things more difficult.

The Diversity Visa Lottery is the US government's official green card lottery conducted by the Department of State each year, usually between the months of October and November. The submission or registration period lasts for just one month.

The eligibility requirements to participate in the lottery are simple - you need to be a native of a qualifying country. That is, you must have been born in a country that has sent lesser than 50,000 immigrants to the US in the past five years put together. If you were born in a country that is not eligible to participate, you may either claim eligibility through your spouse's country or your parents' country of birth.

The second eligibility requirement is that you have a high school completion certificate. Else, you need to have had some sort of training for a minimum of 2 years and with this training you should have been working for at least 2 years during the past 5 years. The nature of the job has to be on the list of qualifying jobs listed by the government.

If you are eligible, all you need to do is complete and submit an application online. The application is simple but needs to be accompanied by digital photos of you and your family members. The photos have to meet the specifications or else the application will not be accepted. Only if the application is accepted you will receive a confirmation number. This confirmation number is absolutely important because you will have to use it to check if you have won the lottery or not. If you loose it, you will not get it again.

The green card lottery is conducted by the government to provide immigrant visas to persons from diverse backgrounds and cultures from different countries. 50,000 such visas are available each year. It is considered the easiest way to get a US green card.